At Least 22 Containers of Estoraque “Santos Mahogany” Logs Seized in Peru

July 24, 2017 – Last week, the Specialized Office of Environmental Affairs (FEMA) seized 30 containers of Estoraque, also known as Santos Mahogany (Myroxylon balsamum), in the port of Callao according to OjoPublico.

The Peruvian Forest Service, SERFOR, states that the volume of Santos Mahogany was 493.01m3 in 22 containers, not 30 as reported by OjoPublico. Either way, it’s a significant volume, and SERFOR reports that it has a value of US$887,418 or US$1,800/m3.

According to OjoPublico, Peruvian authorities allege that the logs apparently originated in the Alto Amazonas Province of Loreto State in Peru’s Amazon with the intent of commercializing them with false documents.


According to the prosecutor, the vessel that presumably transported the logs was not registered in the port of Yurimaguas, and the logs did not originate from the concessions indicated in the documents.

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