1355 m3 of Logs Seized in Rondônia, Brazil

August 2, 2017 – During a 12 day operation in the municipality of Machadinho d’Oeste that is still underway at the time of this publication, Rondônia’s Battalion of Military Environmental Police (BPA) has seized 1,355 m3 of logs.


The Rodoniagora reports that, according to the BPM, the cargos where destined for the municipality of Cujubim. Internationally traded species include: Pau Ferro, Angelim, Ipe, Jatoba, Roxinho, and Tauari.

Photo Credit: BPA Rondonia

This operation follows an earlier one in June in which inspectors with the State Department of Environmental Development (SEDAM), halted the activities of four lumber companies in the neighboring municipalities of Itapuã do Oeste, Buritis, and Vista Alegre do Abunã, for fraud of Forest Origin Documents. The companies were apparently transferring virtual balances illegally to other companies.


In the six months ending June 30, the BPA of Rondonia has seized 2.51 million cubic meters of logs, and 356.4 thousand cubic meters of sawn wood.

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