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335 Truckload Equivalent of Logs Seized in Roraima

In what IBAMA claims is the largest timber seizure ever in the state of Roraima, 7,387 logs totaling roughly 14,500m3 (or 335 truckloads) were seized near the town of Rorainapolis on a farm near and within the Pirititi Indigenous Territory.

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The majority of the logs were of the species: Massaranduba, Angelim Ferro, Angelim Pedra, Tauari, and Cupiuba.

The state of Roraima has been at the center of a number of recent major operations to crackdown on illegal logging. Approximately 70% of the 444 containers seized in the massive Archimedes Operation in Manaus originated from Roraima.

This latest operation by IBAMA should be applauded by the industry for two key reasons: (1) the method by which it was detected, and (2) the fact that it took place at the point of harvest.

The illegal logging activity was detected by satellite image. IBAMA then made helicopter fly-overs to confirm this information. This method is much more precise than trying to intercept illegally logged material that is already processed and/or in transport (like seizing containers in the port in Manaus).

Likewise, stopping illegally logged material at the point of harvest, before it enters complex supply chains, is a much more efficient and cost-effective way to enforce forest laws than trying to detect material of illegal forest origin downstream, or even across international borders.

Investments in forest governance, including human and financial resources, should be concentrated on increasing the capacity of local forest institutions to enforce their laws at the point of harvest.

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