Ponta do Abuna Rondonia illegal logging

116 Timber Companies to be Closed in Brazil’s Ponta do Abunã Region

Updated May 15, 2018 – Another major operation to reduce illegal logging in Brazil was launched May 11. This time the operation is concentrated in the area of Ponta do Abunã – a region in northwest Rondônia bordering the states of Acre and Amazonas, between the cities of Rio Branco and Porto Velho.

Ponta do Abuna Rondonia illegal logging

The operation, called “Ágata- Ajuricaba I“, has resulted in the seizure of about 26,500 cubic meters of logs – enough to fill 1,200 trucks.

According to some reports, IBAMA is expected to close 116 timber companies with 18 having already been closed at the time of publication. All are suspected of illegal logging and defrauding the Forest Origin Document (DOF) system.

A DOF, or Documento de Origem Florestal in Portuguese, is a permit required for the harvesting, transport, and storage of wood products from natural forests in Brazil and includes details such as the origin of the material, volumes, transport vehicle registrations, and destinations.

This massive operation follows on the heels of other large illegal logging interventions in Roraima and Manaus.

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