What is a “Controle na Bewerking”?

A “Controle na Bewerking” or “CNB” as it’s commonly referred to in Suriname’s timber industry, literally translates to “Control After Processing”.

According to the SBB, the institution in Suriname responsible for enforcing forest laws, the CNB document is:

A form to indicate that a log has been shortened in 2 or more parts. A new label is placed on each piece and removes the original label (also called the label of the mother block). On the form, the complete information is stated (length, diameters, wood type code and label number) in the column “old label number”. Immediately below it should be mentioned the dimensions of the shortened pieces (child blocks) and the label number in column new label number.

The CNB document is useful in conducting due diligence of timber supply chains in Suriname as it helps to verify the origin of logs whose label numbers are not present in the Bewijs van Betaling Retributie (BBR).

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