Gabon to require FSC-Certification by 2022 or timber companies will lose forest permits

“Any logging company operating in Gabon, not involved in this certification process, will be deprived of its license”, said the President of Gabon, Ali Bongo Ondimba, while visiting a sawmill. The President set the year 2022 as the cut-off year to FSC certify all logging concessions. Currently, 14% of forest lands in Gabon are FSC-certified. The country has nearly tripled production of forest products, from just 280,000m3 in 2010 to 738,377m3 in 2017 following a log export ban. Popular commercial timber species originating in Gabon include African Mahogany, Azobé, Doussié, Iroko, Okoume, Paduk, Sapele, Sipo, Tali, Tiama, and Wenge.

Point of Harvest is an open source publication sharing news, science, and views about tropical timber supply chains. It’s managed by Auxin a network of tropical timber experts whose mission is to build solutions to complex problems in tropical timber supply chains. Products built by Auxin include TIMBERCHECK™ and WoodFlow™.

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